2016 Ivy/Keeper
b. September 1, 2016 | 2 boys, 2 girls; 2 plush, 2 smooth

all puppies have found their forever homes

JnL Pocono Shilohs
JnL Leaves of Three of RSS
aka Ivy
b. May 12, 2012 | gray sable plush
sire: NSx5 MBIS bdrsCH Ridgewood’s The Jokes On You! CGN, CGC, TT
dam: Graced by His Rainbow of JnL
hips: OFA Good SLH-723G29F-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL486F29-VPI
heart: holter/clear, 9/2013 & OFA Normal SLH-CA533/34F/P-VPI-ECHO
dm: Normal/Normal via parentage

Highlander Shilohs
Highlander’s He’s a Keeper
aka Keeper
b. March 10, 2008 | lt golden sable smooth
sire: Highlanders Mr Myjestic-O-Zion
dam: bCHptd. Highlanders Velvet Deelight
height/weight: 29″ 96lbs
hips: OFA Fair SLH 549F42M NOPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH EL331M42 NOPI
heart: OFA Normal SLH CA433/52M/P-NOPI
dm: Normal/Normal, GenSol #100-22415, 2/2016

Breeding Pedigree

Highlander’s He’s a Keeper TT (ART4)
Highlanders Mr Myjestic-O-Zion GV bCh Zion’s A-Tribute To Snow’s Grizz ROM (MAW3) NS abCH Snow’s A Tribute To Pax-Zion ROM (MAW2)
Zion Takes It All ROM
Jnk’s Golden Nugget Of Zion *BW*/MAW3 bCH Jnk’s Ramblin Ruger (MAW2)
Jnk’s Molly Our Tribute To Shane
bCHptd Highlander’s Velvet Deelight (ART3) Camelot’s Happy Strider (ART2) bCHptd Zion’s Taos of Trillium Hills (ART1)
bCH Sunstars Willamette Celebration CGC, TDI, ATT, ROM
bCHptd Walkers-TX Miss Dallas of Zion Zion’s Walker-Texas Ranger (MAW3)
Crane’s Our-Tribute-To Contessa ROM
JnL’s Leaves of Three of RSS TT (ORB4/BOZ4/ART4/F4)
NSx5 MBIS bdrsCH Ridgewood’s The Jokes On You! CGN, CGC, TT (ORB3/BOZ3) NSx6 rbCH Brk Chapls Irish Red O Bearpaw TT, CGC, ROM (ORB2) Zion’s Knight-Rider Kit
Zion’s Golden Promise Of Venus (ORB1)
NSx2 brCH P&C’s One Too Many CGC, ROM (BOZ2) PB&T’s New Beginnings-Sierra CGC, ROM (BOZ1)
GV NSx3 abrCH P&C’s Chyna Rose of MsnDx CGC, ROM
Graced by His Rainbow of JnL (ART3/F3) His Majesty of Howling Winds CGC (ART2) NS birCH Lord Shy Of Aslan And Sundance (MAW3)
Bearsloop Hajna of Petra Zion (ART1)
Nor’Easter Winter Storm of Bolo TT (F2) rbCHPtd Capp’s Alabama Ghost Of Winter TT
Bolo’s Rise-N-Shine Fuji Of CJ’s (F1)