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The Pocono Bruisers
JnL's Majestic Thor of Bell aka Thor
Jnl's His Majesty Rafe of Oatka aka Rafe
JnL Pocono's Thelonious aka Loni

Testimonial - Rafe (Orange Boy)

"Wow! Can't even begin to say how impressed I am with this litter! All 3 of the boys from Nori/Samson are everything a Shiloh pup should be! Huge bone, massive heads, thick beautiful coats, full of confidence, and sweet, sweet, sweet! Can you believe on top of all of this they could also MOVE!!!! Talk about the package!

I myself fell head over heals in love with Mr. Orange boy from the litter- it was very easy to fall for any of these boys, but there is just something special that caught my eye about Mr. Orange. I just hope whoever is lucky enough to give him a home will share with me what they think that "something" special is!" -Trish Beltz, Ridgewood Shilohs (PC/BT)


Testimonial - Thelonious (Red Boy)

"Hi Jan, Well, let me tell you, Thelonious is just PERFECT! He slept most of the ride home and was welcomed by an extremely happy Bella when he arrived! Bella wagged her tail and was thrilled to see him! Loni is quite the explorer and took little time to find all the plush dog beds we have located in our living room. He just bounces over to a bed and flops into it! It's absolutely adorable!

Loni is also very fond of toys! I do not think he has seen a toy that he isn't interested in trying! Bella and he have actually played at least 5 or 6 times together. He sits behind the recliner and she comes to the side. Then Thelonious runs to the front of the recliner and Bella comes to the other side. This little game goes on for five or six rounds and then they both lay down exhausted! Thelonious also knows how to play fetch and he brings the ball back to us!

It seems Bella has laid down the law with him: when she uses this deep growl noise, which we never heard before, he steps back and sits. She does not show any signs of aggression toward him but I do think she sees herself as a second mommy to him and he seems to respect her. When we throw a ball to her, she often brings the ball to Loni and gives it to him. I think they are going to have a wonderful relationship as he grows up and forever thereafter.

Thelonious had three meals today (6am; 12pm; 6pm) and promptly did all his jobs afterward. We are learning his digestion cycles and have not experienced a real accident yet. By this I mean, we can tell when it's time to take him to the backyard, promptly get him there, and praise him for being such a good dog. He has also responded to "no bite" every time he tries to nibble on a finger or sleeve. We say a firm "no bite," give him a toy he may chew and he quickly turns his attention to the toy.

Loni slept in a travel crate in our bedroom last night. We introduced the crate to him in the living room with the door open. We put a couple pieces of his kibble on top the blanket in the crate, and he voluntarily went in, checked it out, and took a little nap inside. Last night he cried for approximately 15 minutes once placed in the crate in our bedroom but then he fell fast asleep for the night. Bella started her night in our bed but later we found her laying next to Loni's crate. In fact, during the day, if Bella is asleep in one of the dog beds, Loni will lay down right next to her. Loni also slept in his crate for approximately 2 hours this afternoon while Bella and I took a nap in the room with him. We rearranged the furniture in the bedroom today and are currently in the process of setting up his permanent, much larger, crate. The travel crate is just large enough for him today and I swear he has grown since last night!

Jan, thank you so much for raising such a perfect dog (and mom and uncles of such a great dog)! Steve and I just loved all your animals (and you and your family, too)! It's always neat to meet good people who love animals, just like us. Loni is, by my experience, very mellow and laid back. We just love him! He's about to have his first bath in a few minutes and I plan on taking more pictures. I will send you some as soon as I upload them to my computer.

We will be scheduling Loni's first vet visit with us and his training/puppy classes this week. Words cannot express how thrilled we are to have him as a new family member and, also, to have met such a really cool and kind person, too! It's a good feeling to know that he has been raised with love from the beginning and I can see how one could end up with a pack of Shilohs!

BTW, Loni has already spoken with both sets of his grandparents by phone! Everyone is eager to meet him! I will keep you up-to-date. Thanks for everything again!" --Best, Rebecca


Litter Announcement

Nor'Easter Winter Storm of Bolo aka Nori

sire: brCHptd. Capp's Alabama Ghost of Winter aka Bama
dam: Bolo's Rise-N-Shine Fuji of CJ's aka Fuji
white plush | hips: OFA Fair | elbows: OFA Normal | heart: OFA Normal
eyes: CERF Normal | thyroid: OFA normal | TLI: 7.09 | TT 100, May 2006

NS bCH Asgard-Samson, CGC aka Samson
sire: bChptd Trillium-Petra Our Ajax d'Laz ROM aka Ajax
dam: NS bCh Asgard's Freyia of Betterways, CGC aka Freyia
gray sable plush | hips: OFA Excellent : elbows: OFA Normal | heart: OFA Normal

It is our pleasure to announce a pairing between Nor'easter Winter Storm of Bolo (Nori) to NSbCH Asgard-Samson, CGC.

Samson is a silver sabled, double plush. He is a Certified Therapy Dog and has earned his first leg toward his herding title. Samson’s is very large and extremely athletic, this coupled with his looks and friendliness makes a very striking first impression. He is very confident and comfortable with people and he does not seem to care that they may be a little nervous meeting him. His gentle temperament wins them over. Samson loves to play and loves to make friends. Samson is loving and gentile with children. He is known in our social circles as a gentle giant. He also loves adults and other dogs. [Samson Tales]

Nori is the best of both worlds, the ultimate guardian and companion. The perfect blend of play drive and couch potato. Nori has passed on her energy and sweetness to her pups in her previous litter and we are expecting the same with this litter with the added bonus of Samson's size, bone and temperment. These pups should be medium to medium/soft and will be rich, vibrant plush sables in silver, grey and brown. Puppies anticipated February 2008.

Pedigree Nori/Samson - Fall 2007
NSbCH Asgard-Samson, CGC
bChptd Trillium-Petra Our Ajax d'Laz ROM aka Ajax Trillium Artus Zum Soehrewald Xandro Imperial
Quanti Vom Schloss Birkenstein
Petra's Zena of Zion Pinewood Lazarus Comeforth Zion
K-Sura's Mistie Weather V Zion
NS bCh Asgard's Freyia of Betterways, CGC aka Freyia
also known as
Chateau de Chief's Freyia
Chateau de Chief's Shiloh Thor Shiloh's Wolfin Sasquatch
Shiloh's Matoaka Pocahantas
Chateau de Chief's Panda Betcher Bob's Mountain Goliath of Zion
Morris' Good Morning Mona
Nor'Easter Winter Storm of Bolo aka Nori
brCHptd. Capp's Alabama Ghost of Winter aka Bama SO Curly of Liberty CGC bCH Betterways Tribute to Sasquach
Liberty's Venus-Olympus of Zion
SO Cheyanne Sheiltisian CGC NS bCH Mason-Dixon's Pinewood Rebel
bCHptd Sheltesian Princess Victoria CGC
Bolo's Rise-N-Shine Fuji of CJ's CJ's Diamond Dynamite Bullet Shiloh's Silver Bullet
Diamonds Dynamite Lightening
abCH Cj's Elsa Schon, CGC NS abcirCH CJ's Lobo Amado De Windsong CGC, TDI, ROM
CH Abigail Atheron, CGC, ROM
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