Nor'Easter Winter Storm of Bolo aka Nori
December 10, 2004 - March 22, 2017 | White Plush

sire: brCHptd. Capp's Alabama Ghost of Winter aka Bama
b. April 29, 2002 | White Plush | BD100000-402 | OFA Fair Prelim
dam: Bolo's Rise-N-Shine Fuji of CJ's aka Fuji
b. October 24, 2002 | White Sable Plush | PB3/D980524-1002 | PennHip (L) 0.37 (R) 0.33


Nori is a happy, friendly girl, who loves kids. When she wags her tail, her entire rear end gets into the action. Bubbly is how I would decribe her. She has a mischievious side and can be a minx, but quiets right away when it's time to settle down.

She's very obediant. When out running with the other dogs, she'll listen to me rather than follow the pack. She's smart and knows my routine and she'll scold me when I'm late for chores.

Nori has been spayed and is retired from our breeding program.

[more pictures of Nori in our Photo Gallery]

Hips OFA Fair, Prelim
PennHip: (L) 0.50 (R) 0.52, no DJD
Elbows OFA Normal, Prelim
Eyes CERF Normal
Heart OFA Normal - Cardiologist
Thyroid Normal
Thyroglobulin Autoantibody negative
Kidney blood test values normal
Glucose normal
TLI 9.16
DM OFA Normal/Normal, 3/2014
ISSDC TT 100, May 2006

Her Progeny

2007 Nori/Garth

2008 Nori/Ruger

2008 Nori/Samson

2009 Nori/Konrad

2010 Nori/Kilian

Nori/Garth | Nori/Samson | Nori/Ruger | Nori/Konrad
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