Cedar/General - b. May 8, 2011
The Mother's Day Litter - 3 girls, 3 boys; 3 duals, 3 sables; all plush
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Cedar is out of our Nori/Ruger litter


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aka Cedar
b. August 31, 2008 | light brown sable plush
sire: NSrbch B&T’s Peacemaker of Shenandoah
dam: Nor'Easter Winter Storm of Bolo
hips: OFA Good SLH-497G27F-PI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL285F27-PI
heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA356/29F/C-VPI
TLI: 9.78 1/25/11

ibCH Bearpaw-Ridgewood General Lee 2, TT, HIC, HCT1

aka General
b. March 1, 2007 | brown sable plush
sire: Glorious Elvis Von Europa aka Elvis
dam: Shenandoah's Keelie Of Sierra aka Keelie
hips: PennHip (L) 0.24 (R) 0.27
elbows: OFA normal SLH-EL215M24-VPI
heart: Normal, cardiologist, 5/2009
thyroid: Normal, practitioner, 5/2009
eyes: CERF Normal, 4/2008

If you are looking for fabulous temperament, this is the litter for you! Cedar and General are people dogs who get along great with everyone. Cedar is an active girl who loves playing ball and chase me games, she also knows how to turn it off when necessary. General is more a laid back kinda guy but is not a total slouch, he does have his TT, HIC, HCT1. This will be a wonderful pairing, these puppies will have a range of activity levels.

This will be a typey all plush litter with sables, possibly duals and bi's. These puppies will be richly pigmented in shades of gray, brown and gold. I am expecting height, bone and size with these babies, not to mention beautiful heads and ears. This litter will be filled with wonderful companion puppies as well as possible prospects for agility, herding, therapy and more. Their pedigree consists of Shilohs who have benefited the entire breed, we will be able to add these puppies to the list was well.

Pedigree Cedar/General
ibCH Bearpaw-Ridgewood General Lee 2, TT, HIC, HCT1
bCH Glorious Elvis Von Europa
NS abCH CJ's Lobo Amado De Windsong, CGC, TDI, ROM GV abaCh Bionic Black-Smoke Of Zion, CGC, ROM
2xGV abciCH Windsong's Katrinka D'Shiloh, OFA, ROM
bChptd India's Princess Jewel Of Oasis, CGC NS abCH Snow's A Tribute To Pax-Zion
bCHptd Zion's Gretchen Starr, ROM
Shenandoah's Keelie Of Sierra, CGC, TDI
Behuter Von Hinterland, CD, HT, PT, TC, CGC, RTD Int'l* Am CH Dreamweaver's Heineken, HT CD CGC/TDI
Maxine Von Holt, BH CD CDX CGC HT SCHb
Sierra's Close Encounter NS abCH Sierra's Shadow Walker Of Zion, ROM
A Mazing Grace Of Zion, CGC

JnL-RSS Quest For The Best

bCH B&T's Peacemaker Of Shenandoah, CGC, ROM NS biCH Shenandoah's The Phantom V Zion, ROM Jnk Smoke'N Black-Bear Of Zion, ROM
Crane's Our-Tribute-To Contessa, ROM
Shenandoah's Spirit Of Tazzy, ROM Shenandoah's The Taz Of Zion, CGC, ROM
Jnk's Foxie Roxie Lady, ROM
Nor'Easter Winter Storm of Bolo rbCHPtd Capp's Alabama Ghost Of Winter, TT aCH, 2xiCH, bCHptd SO Curley Of Liberty, CGC, TT
bChptd Southern Oaks Cheyanne Sheltesian, CGC, TT
Bolo's Rise-N-Shine Fuji Of CJ's Diamond Hill's Lightening Bullet
CJ's Elsa Schon Sikorski
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